Danena Engineering Associates founding concept was to provide the best possible services to our clients without sacrificing the environment. As professionals with multidisciplinary backgrounds, we can pull together the various engineering, environmental and planning elements that make up a successful project.

The overall goal of the firm is to provide clients with expert consulting and engineering assistance in keeping with the superior capabilities of our professional staff. We feel strongly that our approach, which emphasizes team building, enthusiastic service, project management skills and multi- disciplinary expertise, offers our clients superior quality products, faster mobilization, shorter turn around time, and greater accountability. Our areas of expertise lay in the fields of wastewater, storm water and wetlands engineering and our projects range in size from on-site septic system design to golf courses.


Civil Engineering, Coastal Geology, Sanitary Engineering, Coastal Planning, Shore Line Protection, Hydrogeology, Environmental Engineering, Golf Course Planning &Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Soil Evaluations, Soils Mapping, Percolation Testing, Sewerage Systems, Water Quality Structures

The extensive experience of the staff of Conservation Consultants enables us to provide expert insight into the various elements that comprise successful projects. Our expertise in the environmental regulatory process enables us to offer our clients the support necessary to make informed decisions regarding the approach and scope of services required facilitating the cost-effective completion of their project.

We feel that our project management skills are essential elements to the service that we offer clients. By project management we mean the skills to bring together various project elements in a manner that meet schedule constraints and regulatory requirements, and are sensitive to environmental and institutional considerations.

Regulatory Assistance
Land Use Regulation
Environmental Planning
Environmental Permitting
Ecological Analysis
Impact Assessment
Landscape Design
Hydro-geological Studies
Site Selection Studies
Site Suitability Analysis
Coastal Geology Studies
Wetland Delineation
Wetland Restoration
Wetland Replication

The extensive experience of our staff also enables us to provide expert services to federal, state and local governmental agencies. Our sixteen years of experience in the environmental regulatory process enables us to offer governmental agencies the support and review capabilities necessary to make informed decisions regarding projects that are before them for permits.

To Conservation Commissions we bring additional experience in the field of law enforcement and investigation, which will assist commissions with Wetland Protection Act violations. One of our staff has over fifteen years in the field of law enforcement as well as over five years of enforcing the Wetland Protection Act.

Also Conservation Consultants will provide Conservation Agent services to cities and towns on a contractual basis.

Subdivision Review
Site Plan Review
Drainage Review
Plan Review
Water Quality Assessment
Law Enforcement and Investigations

Wetland Delineations
N.O.I. Plan Review
Hydrological Studies
Impact Assessment
Soil Evaluations
Environmental Monitoring


Wet-Spect is a land inspection service of Danena Inc. and provides prospective buyers and sellers with valuable information regarding the presence of wetlands and flood plain at parcel of land proposed for sale.

What are wetlands ?
The general term "wetlands" describe a variety of ecosystems, including forest swamps, fresh and salt-water marshes, fens, and bogs and wet meadows. Wetlands are transitional areas between open water and dry land, making them unique habitats for a variety of fish and wildlife. Wetlands that are commonly found along rivers, streams, brooks, ponds, lakes and the ocean are easy for most people to recognize in this format.

Wetlands also occur where water is found at or near the ground surface, or in places where the ground is covered by shallow water ranging from a few inches to several feet.

Wetlands are not necessarily wet all year - some are known to be dry during certain seasons, especially late summer, For this reason, the casual observer may not recognize or correctly identify wetlands.

Wetland Regulations and you.
A number of federal, state and local wetland regulations apply to activities conducted in wetlands. In the case of state and local wetland regulations, a "buffer zone" can extend for a distance of up to 100 feet up-gradient. In both cases a permit is required for activities in either the wetlands or the buffer zone.

Failure to comply with the wetland regulations could mean a substantial penalty or other sanctions.

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